VoCE’ steps into the private world of Alexander McQueen as seen through the eyes of the only photographer allowed backstage, Anne Deniau, in her book, Love Looks Not With The Eyes: Thirteen Years with Lee Alexander McQueen.

"I don’t believe in classifying photography, no more than I believe in labeling life; rather, I am concerned with humanity and intimacy. I believe in communicating, I believe in the photographs I took of Lee McQueen in his many and varied guises: for fashion spreads, as an artist or sitting by a half-open window as the last of a summer storm faded away. I believe in the beauty of action, on both sides of the lens. A living, breathing beauty that stirs desire deep inside, the desire of photography, the desire to be there, to be doing what they are doing and watching them in the flesh. Photographs which don’t evoke desire are dead letters." Anne Deniau


(Source: vogue.co.uk)